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Riverside Brands to represent Larva

Riverside Brands will manage and implement deals across all categories in the UK.

Riverside Brands has added popular kids’ cartoon Larva to its growing roster of clients. Created by South Korea’s Tuba, Larva follows the comic capers of Red and Yellow, two cheeky larvae who live beneath a city storm drain. Since launch, Larva has garnered over 2b views on YouTube, with Netflix commissioning its own exclusive series, Larva Island, in 2018. A second season aired earlier this month. There are 300 episodes, with new content in development and a feature movie slated for 2021.

Already a consumer product hit in Asia and Latin America and with a growing UK viewership across YouTube and Netflix, the brand now comes to the UK market. Riverside Brands will manage and implement deals across all categories in the UK, working closely with the UK master toy distributor, Re:creation.

The toy range debuted in The Entertainer earlier this month, with many more retailers launching shortly, as well as further categories expected from spring 2020. A large marketing campaign, set to kick off imminently, will further bolster the brand’s presence in the UK. Ashley Holman, MD of Riverside Brands, commented: “We’re thrilled to be representing Larva, which is undoubtedly set to be the next big hit for kids, due to the huge awareness, hilarious content and fantastic toy range. With overseas CP success, positive uptake from UK retailers and a host of savvy creative marketing initiatives from the team at Re:creation, it’s fair to say Red and Yellow’s cheeky antics will soon be found in every home with a 4-9 year old.”

Re:creation general manager, Adrian Mayes, added: ” This is a property with such exciting potential. We’re working closely with retail partners to create targeted and fun marketing campaigns that capitalise on the fantastic personality of the Larva brand. We welcome Riverside Brands’ support as we continue to roll out the toy range in the UK.”

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